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Chronic kidney disease Cats: Stages 1-2 Natural Treatment

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chronic kidney disease cats

Stages I-II of chronic renal failure cat: the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) CLASSIFIES chronic renal failure in cats in four stages :

Stage I : In this first phase of chronic renal failure there are no particular symptoms, it can be found: dull hair, slight increase in water intake, lethargy. The food should preferably be moist, dry food reduced to the bare minimum, in this phase it is possible to move towards a wet senior food with a percentage of raw protein of around 10% – 13% (wet) – For dry products around 22% – 25% raw protein.

Chronic kidney disease Cats

Blood values ​​and SDMA tests

Creatinine <140 micromol / l (<1.6 mg / dl) Not insufficient

Azotemia in the norm

SDMA test result> 14μg / dl

No proteinuria <0.2

Normal pressure <150

Stage I-II of chronic renal failure cat

Stage II: the symptoms are loss of appetite, dehydration increase in the amount of urine produced, increased thirst, weight loss. The food must always be moist, renal croquettes reduced to the bare minimum, it is possible to move towards a wet senior food with a percentage of raw protein around 10% (wet). Very few croquettes with a raw protein percentage around 20% – 22%.

Blood values ​​and SDMA tests

Creatinine 140 – 250 micromol / l (1.6 – 2.8 mg / dl) Slightly insufficient

SDMA test result> 14 /> 25 μg / dl

Azotemia: mild

Borderline proteinuria 0.2–0.4

Borderline hypertension 150–159


What to do when the cat is in Stage I of chronic renal failure

Exclude any urinary tract infection and presence of stones with urine and eco-abdomen test examination , many cats at this stage have episodes of acute renal failure.

Supplements to discuss with the veterinarian and to always be administered in cycles, the importance of omega 3 fatty acids in the course of CKD

Omega 3 fatty acids (Brown, Scott A., et al. “Beneficial effects of chronic administration of dietary ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in dogs with renal insufficiency.” Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 131.5 (1998): 447-455. ) are very important in the course of chronic kidney failure, they must be administered as supplement (IFOS certified integrator) and the addition of a good salmon oil to pet-food or homemade food is recommended – IF THE CAT DOES NOT TOLERATE THE TASTE OF THE SALMON OIL you can see FOR Krill OIL which also contains the powerful anti-inflammatory astaxanthin .


Mycotherapy to be integrated in cycles from the beginning of renal disease, for further information go to the dedicated page ➡ Cordyceps (the best in the world Cordyceps Aloha)

Now Foods, Pets, Kidney Support for Dogs/Cats

PetAlive Kidney Support

  • Promotes Healthy Kidney & Urinary Functioning
  • Herbal Supplement
  • Liquid Drops
  • Kosher Parve

All PetAlive health products are especially formulated by experts in the field of natural health and are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Supplements When the cat is in Stage II of chronic renal failure

Supplements to discuss with the veterinarian and to always be administered in cycles

Mycotherapy: Cordyceps

Mycotherapy and phytotherapy in Chronic kidney disease Cats

Ganoderma Lucidum ( Reishi ), a fungus known for its similar cortisone activity that is of considerable support in reducing inflammation in the kidney.

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), a herbaceous plant that has always been recognized in traditional Chinese medicine for its immunostimulant and diuretic properties.
Turmeric , very appreciated for its ability to counteract the inflammatory processes within the body.
Chitosan, is a polymer of D-glucosamine that incorporates phosphorus which must absolutely be reduced during renal pathology.
Quercetin , bioflavonoid with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective against free radicals, cause of frequent oxidative stress in kidney diseases!
Yucca, which reduces the level of intestinal nitrogen and improves protein digestion.
Cranberry (American Red Cranberry), whose fruits, rich in flavonoids have antioxidant and particularly beneficial activities in the lower urinary tract. Cranberry also decreases the amount of uric acid that could lead to the formation of urate stones.
Birch, very effective as a cleansing principle

Chitosan for Chronic kidney disease Cats

Chitosan known to be able to bind uremic toxins in the intestine reduces azotemia – Astragalus polysaccharides known to contribute to the maintenance of normal kidney architecture by reducing the progression of fibrotic alterations.

Chronic kidney disease Cats Heel protocol (SUC)

Heel Protocol (homotoxicology) ➡ Specific and supportive for animals suffering from chronic renal failure , the 3 Compositums support residual renal function, improve appetite and general well-being of the animal

  • Solidago Compositum (therapeutic of renal function and organ damage)
  • Ubichinon Compositum (eliminates enzymatic dysfunctions)
  • Coenzyme Compositum (stimulates enzymatic functions)


NefroRenal FC is a nutritional supplement made up of a mixture of standardized and phytotherapic extracts of Lespedeza, Olea and Betula, specifically designed for CKD patients. It stimulates diuresis and helps to dispose of excess nitrogen waste . It purifies the body, improves the energy state and normalizes arterial pressure. Lespedeza capitata thanks to the flavonoid lespecapitoside, to tannins and catechols, exerts a marked detoxifying action, increasing the elimination of nitrogenous waste. Its active ingredients exert a strong capillarotrophic and vasoprotective action. Olea Europea is rich in secoiridoids, triterpenes, flavonoids that exert hypotensive actions, thanks to peripheral, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory vasodilation. Betula Pendula rich in terpenes that increase diuresis from the volumetric point of view and favor the excretion of nitrogen catabolites (urea and uric acid), sodium methyl salicylate which has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action on the renal epithelium, which can lead to decreased excretion of albumin, bioflavonoids, quercitin and rutin. (not to be administered together with an Ace inhibitor )

Control of enteric nitrogenous waste with the administration of Probinul / Azodyl for further information go to the dedicated page.

At the beginning it is possible to find diarrhea or constipation, it is necessary to reduce the dosage slightly. Standard dosage: 1 capsule of Probinul 5 a day / s in sachets, half a sachet of Probinul 5 a day. Inquire with your veterinarian if it is appropriate to start IV dosing cycles.

Stage I-II of chronic renal failure cat


In wet pet food, see the percentage of crude protein that is an accurate index of the amount of protein.

For percentages based on the stage of the disease see above CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURES .

* The list of pet food is purely coincidental

  • Aniwell Senior Complete about 10% raw protein
  • Competo food Crosses Vibrisse Cat Menu Chicken with Goji – 11 gr 9% protein
  • Complete dietary wet food line Gemon (New Monge line) proteins around 8%
  • Biopur Vet Diseases of the kidneys complete wet food crude proteins 8%

Biopur Vet Disorders of the kidneys is a product of high quality and certified biological origin, the meats used in fact derive only from animals from organic farming that do not undergo exhausting transports, since the journeys made are short and are limited to the region where the Biopur biological factors: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Product features:

  • high energy density product;
  • does not contain fillers, which can be harmful to your cat’s health;
  • highly digestible and assimilable product, with specific formula for the treatment of renal diseases;
  • does not contain conversants, dyes or flavorings and flavor enhancers, often used to make the food more pleasant;
  • absence of nitrites which cause the partial destruction of proteins, mineral salts and vitamins: the product fully satisfies the nutritional requirements.

For the production of Biopur Vet Pathologies of the kidneys only organic foods, suitable for human consumption, certified BIO and PETA (human grade food) are used

  • crude protein 8%;
  • raw fat 5%;
  • fibers 1%;
  • flock ash 2%;
  • humidity 76%;
  • calcium 0.15%;
  • 1.1% essential fatty acids;
  • 0.09% sodium.

Wet cat food

Lily’s Kitchen Whisker Lickin Chicken for cats complete food with 10% protein

High quality wet cat food with 65% freshly prepared chicken meat. Lily’s Kitchen’s Whisker Lickin Chicken is made from only natural ingredients. A totally natural complete food without meat or bone meal. Grain free.

Natures Menu Country Hunter Turkey & Rabbit is made with 96% real meat, obviously of the highest quality and coming from the human food chain. Complete and nutritionally balanced, Natures Menu Country Hunter Turkey & Rabbit contains only raw and highly genuine ingredients, steam cooked to keep all their goodness intact and without altering their taste, structure or nutritional characteristics in any way. Proteins 10.6% , raw fibers 0.3%, crude oils and fats 4.9%, raw ash 2%, humidity 72%.

Aniforte complete food with chicken , turkey and rabbit, fine salmon and turkey, natural product for cats

The ingredients are processed as quickly as possible in order to maintain their freshness and natural vitamins. All the precious ingredients remain almost completely intact – so that the nutritional balance and taste is not particularly good either. Protein percentage 10% German company you can view here

without genetic engineering
no formed meat
without bones
not attractive
without added grain
protein substitutes such as soy
Without animal testing
without artificial colorings
without artificial flavors
no EU additives
without preservatives

Wet cat food

Natural Trainer Adult – Wet food for cats, Chicken

Poultry (4% fresh chicken), fish, beef, plasma powder, pea fiber, mineral substances, potato starch, fish oil 0.18%, sunflower oil, dextrose, dry cranberry extract 0.001%. Humidity 82%, crude protein 9% , crude oils and fats 5%, crude fiber 0.8%, crude ash 3%.

Specific Feline FKD Kidney Support

Specific Cat FKD – Kidney is a specific wet food for adult cats suffering from kidney and liver disorders. It is a food with reduced protein content, to reduce the concentration of oxalates, cystine and urates in urine, and phosphorus, to help prevent hyperphosphatemia and slow down the course of kidney failure. Contains long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids that counteract cachexia in cats with heart conditions and reduce hypertonia and platelet aggregation.
In case of hepatic insufficiency this food helps to reduce the probability of onset of hyperammonemia and hepatic encephalitis. The pH value induced and slightly alkaline counteracts the deposit of urate and cystine crystals. Furthermore, the presence of K-Citrates reduces the risk of precipitation of calcium oxalates.
Finally it is a food with reduced sodium content, to counteract water retention (hypertonia and edema).

Benefits and features:

  • wet dietetic food specifically for adult cats suffering from chronic renal failure, liver failure, congestive heart failure, hypertonia, edema, urolithiasis from urates, oxalates or cystine
  • with reduced phosphorus content for the prevention of hyperphosphataemia and for slowing down the course of renal failure
  • with EPA and DHA for slowing the course of renal failure, in cats with heart disease to counteract cachexia and reduction of hypertonia and platelet aggregation
  • reduced protein content due to the rupture of azotemia in cats with renal diseases, for the reduction of the likelihood of the appearance of hyperammonemia and hepatic encephalopathy
  • low protein content to reduce the concentration of oxalates, cystine and urates in urine
  • with precious proteins to cover the need for essential amino acids
  • with K-Citrate to reduce the risk of precipitation of calcium oxalate
  • low sodium content to counteract water retention

pork, fish, soybean oil, corn, fish oil, eggs, cellulose powder, tripotaxis citrate, minerals, Plantago seeds (psyllium seeds), rice, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, methionine, l-carnitine . Proteins around 9%

Physiological-nutritional additives:
it does not contain antioxidants, dyes and artificial flavors.

As written above it is necessary to avoid the crunchies, it is important to lighten the work of the kidneys, to offer a moist diet that is digestible, moreover with wet food it is easier to administer supplements.

Can kidney disease be reversed in cats?

The life expectancy, depends on the stage of the disease, stage 1-2 of CKD, the cat can live several years, following the treatment and making periodic checks, the third or fourth stage can live months or a few years because the kidneys are now very compromised. A cat with chronic kidney failure does not heal.


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